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Jun 11 2012

In less than 5 hours…..

In five hours, my alarm clock will sound.  At that time, I will pull myself out of bed filled with excitement and temerity knowing that Institute has finally begun.  Outside of packing my brand new lunch box with copious amounts of snacks–which I will eat more out of nervousness than out of hunger–and a bus ride to my school on a big yellow school bus, I have absolutely no idea what is in store for me and the nearly 900 other Corps members who have all made it here to Rice University.

For those of us who are still awake putting the finishing (or beginning) touches on our Pre-Institute work and for  the others who have already laid down their pretty little heads on their pillows, this is the time to show the world what we’re made of.  I anticipate that this nostalgia will quickly dissipate, but go with it will ya?

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